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Welcome to the St. Charles North Wrestling Team Donation Site!

We are thrilled and honored to participate in the SlyFox race representing North Wrestling. We chose Colette’s Crew because it’s a local charity helping local cancer patients. Colette’s Crew is strictly run by volunteers so your donations will go directly to the families in need.

Below are just a few examples of where their donations have gone:

  • Providing financial support, to help cover costs insurance plans do not cover
  • Purchasing services to help with day‐to‐day life, including lawn care
  • House cleaning and childcare
  • Delivering special request items to patients to help their care at home
  • Meaningful items such as wheelchairs, scarves, wigs, etc.

And most recently Colette’s Crew helped facilitate the transport of a 43-year-old mother from hospice to her son’s high school game where our Crew welcomed her with Anna’s Army balloons/shirts and warm blanket to keep her comfortable while watching St. Charles North football team play.

Although some of these donations may seem small to the average person, they are really needed.  These families are dealing with a cancer diagnosis and the goal is to ease some of the other day to day stresses.

No donation is too small.  Thank you in Advance.

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