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How Colette’s Crew Helps

You may be asking, “So what makes Colette’s Crew so different from all of the other cancer support organizations out there?” In some ways we’re not. Our mission, like many others, is to provide support services to cancer patients. And, in many cases, we partner with or refer you to other organizations for their wealth of knowledge, resources and other support that we do not provide. How we differ is that our outreach is specific to individuals and their families living in the Fox Valley area and our support services is aided by caring volunteers who believe in giving back.

9 year old Recipient South Elgin

My 9 year old had a bone marrow transplant and was put into isolation for one year. We are reaching the end of this year! She had no school, vacations, fun visits, play dates. It’s been very hard on her. Her brother was the donor. I am asking for TCAMF to throw a out of isolation party for my two kids. We could invite all classmates/teacher/family/friends/supporters. Current party is set for July 21st, 2018.

54 year old Recipient in St. Charles

I am not positive what I can do anymore. I don’t have the strength. I need someone to help with painting and re caulking bath tub and help in the yard. I’m fighting everyday to live everyday. I have anxiety, nerves and fear since diagnosed. Thank god for this charity you make me feel whole again. Thank you with all my heart!